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Certification for organizations

CSIA certifies organizations to the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS). Our Certification Program is designed to enhance service, standards in the private sector, not-for-profit, and government organizations.

Customer service management and strategy is critical for a business and requires organizations and individuals to continually improve their skills to achieve service excellence. The ICSS certification program provides an independent assessment of your services standards and systems.

The ICSS is accredited by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations.

Certification to the International Customer Service Standard helps organizations achieve customer service excellence via onsite assessment and certification report findings.

The Certification Program

An internationally accredited assessment and certification program by the Accreditation Board of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations (ICCSO). The standard is recognized and utilized by the leading organizations across the globe.

The Process

The Process involves onsite assessment and certification to the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) which provides both a recognizable benchmark and ‘how-to’ implementation approach.

Onsite Assessment
Final Report

The Certification Seal and Recognition

Organizations certified to ICSS will be entitled to use the widely recognized and prestigious “Certified Customer Service Organization” seal for the certification duration awarded, after which time the organization is required to complete a re-certification process.

Having the competitve advantage

Three levels of certification can be achieved:

Standard Certification – minimum score achieved in all attributes (valid for 1 year)

Gold Certification – score of 6 or higher achieved in all attributes (valid for 3 years)

Platinum Certification – currently Gold Certified, have previously received one International Service Excellence Award, must employ at least one Certified Customer Service Manager, whose certification is current (valid until Gold Certification expires)

Benefits of Using the Standard


Gain assurance and confidence by having you processes, procedures, policies, communications and current engagement programs reviewed


CSIA provides high quality and thorough assessment and reporting with minimal investment of time and effort on the part of your organization and team members leading to numerous opportunities for improvement and efficiency.

Good governance

Good corporate governance and risk management is essential

Insight, feedback and improvements

CSIA’s thorough onsite assessment and detailed reporting by our qualified Licensed Assessors will provide an exceptional resource outlining strengths, areas for improvement, quick wins and comparative benchmarking scores.

Showcases commitment

Obtaining certification to the ICSS impresses upon your customers and team members the importance of customer focus and employee engagement to your organization

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