Helping Organizations create great customer experiences

The International Customer Service Standard for business enterprises applies equally to for-profit businesses or government and not-for-profit businesses. Its aim is to help shift the business focus from Product or Service OUT to Customer IN.

This means creating an environment where customer input is largely responsible for determining the product or service output, rather than where the supplier or service giver, attempts to force their product or service on the customer in the hope that it will meet customer needs and generate loyalty.



Developing Professionals to manage customer service success

Customer Service Managers come from a variety of backgrounds but unlike other professions, such as accounting, there has been no formal industry body recognition. Anyone may call themselves a customer service manager but few have any qualification other than experience to prepare them for the role.

The Customer Service Institute of America has worked with leading organizations and foundation members of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations to develop a training, assessment and certification program leading to our Certified Customer Service Manager Course and America’s only formal and internationally recognized “Certified Customer Service Manager” designation.


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