Recommended Reading: An Attitude of Excellence


When I saw Dr. Willie Jolley speak this past year at The Customer Service Revolution conference, I was blown away. What a contagious personality! Filled with joy, hope and passion, I was hooked!

I then learned that he had a new book that I could get my hands on, An Attitude of Excellence,  and I ran to the lobby and purchased that, and his other books. The purchase was met with intense zeal and excitement whe I was informed Dr. Jolley would sign my books, give me a hug AND take a selfie with me. [Dr. Jolley had to take the selfie, I am hopeless with the selfie.]

An Attitude of Excellence is a book for everyone! You do not need to be in customer service, or a leader (but you are whether you know it or not), an executive, etc. This book is for any person who wants to be the best them they can be. Listen to this dynamic podcast today!

Purchase your copy of this life changing book!

For bulk orders, please email or call them on (202) 723-8863

Dr. Willie Jolley is a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality. Learn more about Dr. Willie Jolley.

Author: Christine Churchill
Christine Churchill - Founder and CEO of the Customer Service Institute of America - Christine Churchill is a customer experience expert with a vast knowledge base from which to draw. She has worked with organizations from a variety of industries and encountered a multitude of management styles, training approaches, systems and technologies. This experience adds significant value and insight when developing customer experience strategy, showcasing opportunities for improvement, determining relevant customer metrics, relationship tools, and feedback analysis. Christine speaks at industry events and her customer service articles are used in industry publications. Christine worked as the Director of Learning and Development for the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA), as well as one of their Senior Assessors for certification to the International Customer Service Standard and judge for the Australian Service Excellence Awards. Christine launched the Customer Service Institute of America in 2007 and is President of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations. The International Council of Customer Service Organizations (ICCSO) is the international body for member customer service organizations seeking to develop and promote international service standards and professional excellence in customer service. The Council is responsible for promoting the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS), professional individual certifications, and the International Service Excellence Awards.

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