Be the best leader you can be in 2019. Announcing CSIA’s Newly Updated Customer Service Manager Course


As part of our ongoing commitment to service excellence, we are pleased to announce our new Certified Customer Service Manager (CCSM) Course. Our course has up-to-date content and examples relevant to today’s business environment. As we have discussed in previous blog articles it is important for anyone in a leadership role to understand that customer service begins at home. Internal customer care and employee development is essential if a company strives to provide a positive customer experience.

Emphasizing Positive Leadership, Employee Development and Service Excellence

Our customer service course certification, blog articles and service excellence awards all emphasize the importance of positive leadership. We recently shared a quote from the late American author and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, on our social media channels and were impressed at the level of response and engagement.

Image credit: Zig Ziglar

What are the leadership qualities needed to ensure the success of others?

In an article on leadership on, it is pointed out that many organizations try to create leaders from people who are good at their jobs. Those who prove themselves in their work do often have some of the important qualities to be good leaders or managers, such as years of experience, company loyalty and a strong understanding of the company’s products and services. They also have a clear understanding of company goals and processes. All of this is very important, but it doesn’t guarantee that they are manager material. With our millenial workforce, things have changed. Being great at one’s job or having seniority in a company is no longer sufficient criteria for promotion to a leadership position.  Successful companies know that their managers must also have the ability inspire, motivate, mentor and direct. Good managers typically have developed all or least some of the following qualities:


Great leaders manage their company with honesty and integrity.

Ability to Delegate

Competent managers encourage teamwork and know how to delegate. They are not afraid to give responsibility to others or let others shine.


Without good communication, a common vision and goal cannot be conveyed. Communication makes everyone feel included in company goals and the role they play in reaching those goals.

Sense of Humor

Laughter helps a lot to make the workplace cheerful and positive. It is a workplace employees look forward to coming to.


Leaders who exude confidence win the trust and respect of their team.


An excellent leader sets an example with their hard work and commitment, willing to go beyond the call and make adjustments when needed.

Positive Attitude

We feel this may be the most important quality. The attitude of a leader or manager can make or break the success of a company.

Creativity and Mental Agility

The ability to think creatively and come up with new ideas and solutions is another quality of a great leader.  They also always remain in ”learning mode”- ready to learn and implement new concepts and skills as needed.

Ability to Inspire

Doing a great job and thinking creatively is one thing, but the ability to inspire others is a special but very important characteristic of a good manager.


Last but not least, that intangible quality we call intuition – which is that 6th sense needed for great communication, synchronicity and ‘thinking out of the box’ is crucial for management success.

If you think of someone you consider a great leader, manager or coach, you would probably agree that they have developed at least some of these listed characteristics. You may also see other important qualities such as patience, empathy, fairness, loyalty and determination. However, most great leaders are not born this way, but are molded through a combination of experience, training, and adaptation. Those who choose to continue learning and stay current on their industry’s best service practices, are sure to continue leading the way.

As our many CSIA graduates have expressed, there any many advantages of taking a customer service management training course such as CCSM or Advanced CCSM, and can be summarized as follows:

  • A deep understanding of customer service excellence, both internal and external, has a profound and transformational effect on how one views the company, its employees, and its customers.
  • The content learned and skills acquired can be immediately implemented in the workplace, to not only develop and improve their own leadership abilities, but to help develop their employees as well.
  • The core values and concepts in this training, once understood and embraced, can be easily conveyed to others in the company,  so that company policies and processes can be improved in order to provide exceptional customer care
  • The recognition one receives as a graduate of this course helps obtain the trust, respect and confidence needed to be a successful leader or manager.

We look forward to rolling out this new content and receiving feedback from our next batch of graduates! We’re confident that this new course will provide the knowledge, insight and tools our students will need to be successful leaders and managers in this digital age.

Click here to learn more about our new and improved Certified Customer Service Manager Course

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