Motivational Leadership: Words of Wisdom from Keynote Speaker Steve Beck


We recently hosted an inspiring webinar with motivational speaker Steve Beck. For many of us it was just what the doctor ordered, as we leave the lazy days of summer behind, and change our gears as we welcome Fall. However Steve’s words of wisdom apply to any season, and anyone interested in bringing out the best in themselves and their team.


Here’s a recap the main points we took away from his webinar, and encourage you to take time to listen to it,  in the video provided below.

Steve shared the 10 Rules for Success which are listed in Investor’s Business Daily:

  • How You Think Is Everything – Always be positive and create a positive environment for yourself and your team
  • Decide Upon Your Dreams and Goals – Steve emphasized the importance of actually writing down your specific goals, even on a daily basis
  • Take Action – We’ve heard it before:  “Just Do It” !
  • Never Stop Learning – There is no end to learning. Develop yourself!
  • Be Persistent and Work Hard – Success is an evolution. Take consistent steps forward
  • Learn to Analyze the Details – Get all the facts and learn your role!
  • Focus Your Time and Money – This may be the toughest point: Don’t let other people or things distract you from your goal
  • Don’t be Afraid to Innovate; Be Different! – As Steve pointed out, following the herd is a sure way to mediocrity
  • Communicate Effectively – Understand that people have different personalities and roles, so adjust your communication accordingly

and most important..

  • Be Honest and Dependable; Take Responsibility – Otherwise the points made above won’t matter!

Another very important point was made: Your company comprises of people who are everything from very focused and organized to UN-focused and disorganized. He recommends identifying 3 categories of people:

Group 1: Focused, organized, punctual, positive energy

Group 2: Somewhat organized, but not consistent, nuetral energy

Group 3: Disorganized, inefficient, not punctual, often negative energy

It may surprise you that he recommends supporting group 2 the most, and not focusing so much on group 3. By focusing on group 2, more team members “graduate” to group 1, which has a transformational effect on  groups 2 and 3.  In connection with this point, Steve shared a great quote:

“Whatever state you’re in, transmits to others” – Ekhart Tolle

In other words, positive energy and intention is contagious!

So how do we cultivate this positive atttitude and energy? By not only physically but mentally preparing for the day. It has been scientifucally proven that writing something down actually helps the brain bring intention into reality. So write a daily affirmation such as ” Today is a great day; I will be at my best all day today”

There was another great quote from the webinar, something to consider for any role you are in whether a leader, team member, teacher or parent:

“We will relentlessly pursue perfection. Even though achieving perfection is impossible, we will chase it anyway. In the process, we will attain excellence” – Vince Lombardi

For those who couldn’t attend, here is the Motivational Leadership Webinar Handbook  that was provided to our webinar participants. You can use it to set your own longterm goals and daily affirmations by completing the “Commitment to Myself” worksheet.

Enjoy the webinar below, and feel free to share your comments by taking part in the discussion in our Facebook or LinkedIn groups.







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