Why Creative Thinking is the Key


Everywhere you look, you always see signs and advertisements mentioning the “next big thing”, or a product that’s “new and improved”. Innovation is the driving force that makes everyday goods higher quality, higher tech, and ultimately less expensive for consumers. It is extremely important to remember that these new innovations and inventions were at one point just an idea in someone’s mind. The point is, every business wants to innovate. People are constantly looking for new ways to simplify a process, or increase the productivity of an existing process, whether it be building something, or responding to customer inquiries.

So where can you go for these keys to discovering innovative ideas to improve your company? Well, if you’re anything like me, you most likely thought “well, there’s probably something on Amazon”.

I searched “innovation books” on Amazon. The result? 103,242 hits. Granted I’m sure there are hundreds of gems in there. Some genuinely excellent books with excellent methodologies regarding the concept of innovation. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to sift through 103,242 results to find those gems. The easier solution? Your employees!

The human brain is an incredible thing. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest assets we have. All too often, however, we are encouraged to not use them to their full potential. We are encouraged to do what we are told, get our job done, go home, and rinse and repeat.

However, by encouraging your employees to think outside of the box, you could potentially unlock a door full of incredible ideas that could improve your business in countless ways. Remember, every great innovation originated as an idea in someone’s head.

One of the best ways to start collecting these great ideas is to encourage employees to think creatively. There are many ways to encourage creative thinking and get people involved (incentives, rewards, etc.), but the most important thing is to create a mindset of thinking outside of the box. Develop a workplace atmosphere that highlights the notion of “no idea is a stupid idea”. Even if someone suggests something that doesn’t seem like the best option, take note of it. Perhaps the original idea on its own isn’t the best, but it could spark a thought in another employee who can tweak the original idea to develop it into something incredible!

No matter what the current culture of your workplace may be, try to encourage creative thinking and make it a staple in your companies’ corporate culture. No matter how successful your company might be, or how efficient, or how profitable, there is always something that can be improved. And those improvements stem from innovations, which almost always stem from the ideas that your employees may be too afraid to voice.

How has creative thinking sparked innovation in your workplace? Comment down below, and join the discussion!


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